A number of African countries are amongst the fastest growing in the world, but poverty and instability continue to affect the lives of millions of people living on the continent.

Building in-country capability is essential for sustainable growth. At BE Consulting Engineers, our expert teams of consultants and project managers will help you take your project from concept to closure – on time and budget.

Property development

Project management is about more than simply coordinating contractors and auditing processes. Efficient planning and approvals processes and the direct involvement of senior project managers and project directors are just two of the factors that enable intensive stakeholder consultation and feedback during delivery.

In Africa, we specialise in the delivery of property infrastructure, including data centres, retail, residential complexes, and hotels. Our leadership, strategic advice, clear two-way communication, decisive action and meticulous attention to detail support your project’s success.

Infrastructure development

In this dynamic environment, the need for infrastructure development grows – in water, energy, and buildings. There are many challenges associated with the design and delivery of these major developments. Our local insight and experience can be a crucial element in avoiding delays and costly overruns.

Unlocking Potential

Our African team of scientists, engineers and technical specialists works extensively throughout the continent. We can deliver projects right across the asset lifecycle – from financing and early stage exploration and evaluation, to development, construction.