Consulting Services

Building Services & Engineering


BE Consulting Engineers provides engineering design services within the building, renewable energy and industrial sectors. Our strength is in collectively providing integrated services:

Advanced Analysis (CFD)


CFD modelling is used to simulate the movement and flow of gases and liquids and associated heat and mass transfer process. In the built environment we often need to understand air movement and its effects on temperature distributions and dispersion/mixing of gasses, smoke and other pollutants.
Incorporating CFD simulation as part of the design process offers reassurance as it allows a complex design to be tested as a computer model before any construction.

Consulting and Technical Services


We support our clients through the entire project life cycle by providing consulting, engineering and construction management services. We offer these services individually or as part of our full-service approach.

Project Management


BE Consulting Engineers acts as a single point of contact and quickly and seamlessly integrates into our clients’ teams, representing the owner’s interests first and foremost. We partner with our clients through all stages of program and project planning, execution and ensure full team integration at all levels. We can manage all aspects of your construction project and carefully plan your project with a focus on improving schedule performance, controlling and reducing costs, minimising risks, and ensuring quality construction.