ICT Infrastructure

BE Consulting Engineers provides Information and Communications Technology (ICT), specialist consulting and design services for a range of ICT infrastructure and systems.

Our ICT consulting services, including:


BE Consulting Engineers provides reliable communication solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry and the unique requirements of the client business.


Physical security is an early consideration in modern building design. Providing convenient access to authorised parties, while effectively hindering unauthorised access, requires careful planning and a keen eye for potential vulnerabilities of a security system.

Our security consultants can design an integrated physical and electronic security system, along with a plan to manage and audit its effectiveness. This ensures that the technology and processes in place can continue to adapt to changes in the physical and technological environments.

Audio Visual

Auditing of existing systems and assets, conducting business and user needs analysis, carrying out market research and analysis and preparation of project briefing requirements.

Strategic planning, conducting feasibility studies, options analysis, business case development and undertaking initial investment and life cycle costing analysis.

BE Consulting Engineers can provide specialist independent research and advice on technology and in the planning, design, procurement and management of communications, information technology and security systems.

Design planning and management, preparation of policies and standards documents, detailed design and preparation of tender and contract documentation.


Our specialist team look for opportunities to incorporate technology solutions that improve information sharing, collaboration and communication while giving special consideration to preserving data security and integrity. At all stages of the process, the needs of the client are always kept in mind, including the timeframe, service levels, financial considerations and future-proofing.