Living Green Star: Good for people, planet and the purse-strings

A new website, Living Green Star, is set to guide the growing number of home buyers on the hunt for sustainable apartments, communities and retirement living villages.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) launched the new online resource at a series of member evenings last week.

According to the GBCA’s Chief Executive Officer, Romilly Madew, the website responds to growing consumer demand for sustainable apartments, communities and even retirement living developments.

“The number of residential developments with the Green Star tick of approval has tripled in the last three years, and we now have more than 100 around Australia,” says Ms Madew.

“Increasingly, people of all ages want to live in homes that are good for their health and wellbeing, and good for the environment.

“The statistics point to a growing trend. More than 42,000 Australians are already living in Green Star-certified apartments, and a massive 420,000 people are moving into communities with Green Star ratings,” Ms. Madew explains.

“Even more Australians want to understand the benefits of sustainable homes, and the choices available to them, but they don’t know where to start. Living Green Star is that first port of call.”

The website explores the human stories of the people who live in Green Star homes and communities and shares tips and trends on living sustainably.

“If you are thinking about downsizing or upsizing, on the hunt for your first home or wanting to expand with your growing family, Living Green Star is packed full of real-world stories of people living in sustainable homes and communities, and the benefits they’ve gained,” Ms. Madew explains.

“Our homes are responsible for half of all building emissions – and we know that Green Star-rated buildings can have an enormous positive impact on that, as they generate just a third of the emissions of non-rated buildings.

“But sustainable living isn’t just about carbon. It’s about health, wellbeing, affordability, and livability. We want Australian home buyers to understand why sustainable living is better for people, planet, and the purse strings.”

Visit Living Green Star, and connect on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get tips on living smarter, more sustainably and affordable.