Specialist Lighting

BE Consulting Engineers provides full-service lighting design consultancy. We work with clients from site planning to design to construction and commissioning. Our approach is holistic, lighting designs are highly integrated into the architectural, interior and landscape designs. We push the boundaries of technology and energy efficiency.

We have extensive experience in delivering sustainable lighting design solutions. We work closely with design teams, architects, planners, developers and engineers to determine the most effective project specific solutions. We believe that the best creative solutions are obtained when input is sought in the initial planning stages and throughout the design and construction phases.

Our focus on research and development, keeps us at the forefront of available technologies. Careful selection of the correct equipment, performance and optical quality ensures that we achieve appropriate levels of light. The use of control systems also allows our lighting to be flexible and energy efficient, without compromising our creative and high quality designs.

Ours specialist lighting design covers the following but not limited to:

  • Retail lighting
  • Public spaces
  • Theatres & Arts Galleries l
  • Landscape lighting
  • External lighting
  • Sporting facilities lighting
  • Custom lighting fixtures
  • Modelling & virtual lighting simulations
  • Lighting & controls